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Holiday Inspiration

Happy new year to everyone who bothers to read this.
I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of weeks in January down on the west coast of Victoria at a place called Port Fairy. Known for the folk festival it hosts every year in March it has a long history surrounding the water dating back to the time when it was a whaling village and is just down the road from the finish of the Melbourne to Warnambool road race. Visiting this fishing and tourist town has become somewhat of a tradition for my family and I. I get to ride with a great bunch of local riders, renew old acquaintances, often make some new ones, read books and try to surf. I also nearly always come home inspired by something I have seen or heard. This year there were two things.
One was this poster that I saw in a gallery and where the owner was happy for me to photograph it.

He is building

He is building

It might be about boat building (a craft that never ceases to amaze me) but I was struck by the fact that if I changed each reference to boat in the wording, to that of bike, it could easily apply to me as a bicycle frame builder. I think that when I explained this to the owner she was even more willing to allow me a photo.
The second thing I have brought back came after a conversation with another rider one morning about a bike he owned. We were talking about older steel bikes and framebuilders and it transpires he owns a Petrus. I will expand on this in another post but I too have a Petrus frame and this conversation has inspired me to get on with the task of restoring it to its former glory and putting it back on the road where it belongs

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