Buying a custom frame

Things you should think about when buying a custom frame

Engaging someone to build you a frame is no minor decision and there are a number of things that you should think about before doing so. I am sure that you have probably looked at a number of other framebuilders sites and are probably aware of what is possible. Bearing in mind that I build steel frames with lugs that are road or track oriented then I can presume that given you are here, you are considering me to build your frame. The following are points that you may want to consider. You may already have the answers

What sort of riding do you do and can foresee yourself doing in the near future.

Do you race? Road or Track? Do you take part in challenge rides that have become popular here in Australia (things like Around the Bay in a Day, The Great Victorian Bike Ride or the more recent Marysville or Whittlesea challenges)? Do you just like to ride socially with friends and want a nice bike? How long have you been riding? At what point are you in terms of your riding “career”? All of these things need to be taken into account when I go about building your frame so that you get the best outcome.

Do you have any body related fit issues that we need to work around?

Have you had a bad back or other injury that we might need to take into account? If so I would recommend a visit to someone like an Osteopath who can measure you up with this in mind. One thing is for sure, if the bike doesn’t fit you then you won’t be happy

What are your expectations from an aesthetic perspective?

Do you like fancy lugs or prefer simple lines. Are you inspired by older Italian bikes or do you like the look of English bikes better. Do you like oversized tubing or traditional skinny tubing? Do you like the traditional horizontal top tube or the sloping tube of more recent compact designs? Do you want to put mudguards on the finished bike?


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