The Gallifrey Project

For those people who are not fans of Doctor Who, Gallifrey is the home of the Time Lords and thus also the good Doctor himself, a planet destroyed in the last great time war, and with this being the 50th year of Dr Who appearing on television I thought it might be interesting to go through my stash of NOS tubing and offer a limited number of complete bikes. These bikes will be built so as to be somewhat timeless. Like the Doctor, who appears in a new incarnation every so often, I know that running gear on bikes wears out and gets updated. Sometimes this doesn’t work, particularly from an aesthetics perspective , however, a frame can be constructed so that within limits the updating doesn’t detract from the frame OR vice-versa the newer components don’t immediately date the frame

The tube sets I have on offer include a complete set of Reynolds 753

Two sets of aero shaped Reynolds Speedstream main tubes which I would plan on building using Bi-Laminate construction . Again for the uninitiated this is a cross between lugs and fillet brazing and can look really cool

One set of pre 1970 Reynolds 531 with pencil thin seat stays and Zeus rear dropouts already brazed in. This tube set came from Bates Cycles in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg and had been started before being boxed and put aside

Two sets of standard Reynolds 531 tubes. The start of so much tradition

Apart from the Speedstream tubes the others will all include appropriate lugs which the purchaser of, will have some input in to choosing. However the list is not exhaustive so while it will be a case of first in best dressed they are all vintage NOS lugs and some examples are shown below






Given the idea is to create timeless bikes here (hence the name and inspiration) ideally I plan on these bikes being complete and have a number of vintage components to start off the build for each of them. Again the purchasers will have some choice here and that choice will be influenced by the style of bike that you might want. Any of these tubes can be built as a road (racing or touring) track or TT bike although I would not recommend fixing racks to a frame built from Reynolds 753. I mention the time trial option because I have an original rear Roval wheel that might be well suited to such a bike. These were probably the first factory built wheels ever offered to the public.

Sourcing the rest of the components for any bike can be done by either the purchaser or me to follow the desired intention. However in order to continue the above theme I think it fitting that each frame exhibit some blue in the color scheme. Preferably the same hue as that of the tardis.

Please note..These frames will not be built unless customers commit and the tube sets or lugs are not for sale separately.



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