In response to a few suggestions I have decided to list a price in Australian dollars for a basic frame

It starts with a set of pretty standard investment cast lugs with built-in cable bosses and a set of .9/.6/.9 gauge tubing. This is similar to the legendary  Reynolds 531ST  tubing in gauge. Unless there is a need I DO NOT use plain gauge tubing to build my frames. Dropouts are slotted into the frame in the traditional style and there are 2 water bottle mounts. I use an English Bottom Bracket and the frame is made for caliper brakes,a 1 inch fork steerer tube and a 27.2 seatpost. Polished Stainless Steel headbadge and single color powder coat $2000

Forks are either straight or curved,its up to you and if I am building them to match the frame they do just that. They have a crown that both you and I agree will compliment the final look of the frame. As above they have a 1inch steerer either threaded or un-threaded  $350 in a color to match the frame

Everything else is considered an upgrade and  includes higher quality or vintage tubesets. Lugs or fork crowns that are either vintage, Stainless Steel, are carved, or from people such as Pacenti, Llewelyn etc. Extra waterbottle mounts, Internal cable guides. Italian Bottom Brackets. V  or disc brake mounts Wet paint in almost any design you want, etc.

Some things dont alter the cost one way or the other, eg. the difference between fastback seat stays or those that go on the side of the seat lug. This is actually something that has more to do with the general aesthetic of the frame so its open for discussion.The list of extras is by no means exhaustive so if there is anything you want just ask. All or any of these extras go to make the bike a little different or special and this is simply a guide to pricing. It is subject to change due to the price of silver and the ausie dollar


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