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The Chronicles of Bundit continue

I really thought we were there. I thought that Bundit #bunditpaungthong would be happy with the last creation. I was wrong. I am not complaining because all my creative energy is brought to bear whenever he comes up with a new idea, and that is great. This time he found a frame meant to take a small front wheel, so it was originally built with a long head tube.This means that the geometry is not upset with a modification
In order to further explore his time trial obsession I moved the top head lug down the head tube,cut it off and replaced the top tube with a longer one. The old one would now be to short. None of this is as straight forward as it looks. Lugs dont really want to be manipulated that far and that is why the tube doesn’t really drop as far as I would have liked. If the frame had been shorter in the seat tube to start with then it might have got there. It is also why the joints are a mixture of lug and fillet braze. The top tang on the lug was willing to bend that far but not the complete port. Therefore I decided to remove the bottom half of both the top tube ports and blend a fillet into the upper tang. We also changed the rear dropouts to fit a set of track style, rear facing ones and moved the brake bridge¬† up a little in order to accommodate a wheel further into the frame¬† Well, we actually cut the old one out and replaced it with a curved one without a brake mount. I am happy with how it came out and look forward to see how Bundit paints it given he is the visual artist in this partnershipIMG_3693IMG_3690IMG_3695IMG_3706

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