The Nuevo Clubman

27 Apr

After my Easter getaway and a satifying ride at the Baw Baw chalenge on the weekend I figured I should keep you up to date with goings on in the workshop.

This genesis of this frame was a set of Stainless Steel 204 series oversize lugs which I painfully cut and polished, the Stainless dropouts that you see in the folio pages,which I machined myself from 316 plate and the Pacenti fork crown that is shown being milled on the same page

Stainless Lugs

Stainless Lugs


The idea for this frame came from the fact that post war and particularly in England there were many people who only owned one bike. This bike often served more than one purpose and could be set up to ride to work during the week and then have the mudguards and some times racks removed to go racing on the weekend.As the dominant form of road racing in England at that time was time trialing most of these bikes had either a single gear or boasted a Sturmey Archer internally geared hub.They were commonly painted either British Racing Green or Black and were sometimes classified as Clubman Bicycles. The concept of a bike that would perhaps reflect the look of these bikes but be made from modern tubing informs this frame. For the sake of a title I am calling it the Nuevo Clubman.Stay tuned to see its progress

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