Gabe Bouris wants to go to Rio

22 Feb

I first met Gabe Bouris a couple of years ago. He is a former tri-athlete who had a stroke and was later diagnosed with MS. He wanted to get back on the bike and I did some work on a leg brace for him. Given his condition Gabe has limited movement on his left side and can’t afford to over-extend here. He realized

Pedal plates

Pedal plates

he needed an effectively shorter crank on that side. How much shorter was unclear. Working with Darryl Perkins they came up with an idea that would hopefully answer that question. Darryl designed a series of plates that can be bolted on to an existing crank (after drilling a hole).The original pedal hole is used as the starting point with a pedal axle stub drilled and counter bored to take a 6mm cap screw. Each plate has 3 options for pedal placement, positioned 15mm apart and each starting at a different distance from the original pedal hole. Gabe came to me to get them made up. Coincidentally the pedal offset brought about by attaching one of these to the outside of a crank works in his favor. Hopefully this will enable Gabe and Darryl to find the optimal position so that he can have a real tilt at making the team for Rio. Best of luck mate

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