Yet another disk conversion

30 May

Still beavering away in East Brunswick I have been working on yet another disk conversion for Riley at Lygon Cycles Every time I do one of these I start out assuming that I can use a standard disk tab. So far every time I have ended up making a new one. I can see why the most common place for mounting them is the outside of the seat stay and as far as I can see if a big manufacturer is not placing their tabs there they are using dropouts that are cranked upward and have a long section before meeting the stay. Anyway, what the cookie cutter bike makers do is not my concern. Riley wanted his disk caliper on the chain stay so I set about making a tab to match the angles ( and curves) of his frame. Results are below

Disc Tabs. Theirs and mine

Disc Tabs. Theirs and mine

Disc Tab before brazing

Disc Tab before brazing

Disk Tab after brazing

Disk Tab after brazing

During our initial conversation Riley had asked if I would put braze a d on the headtube. While I was flattered I don’t really want to lay claim to building a frame that I haven’t. Since Riley is a valued customer and since he will be getting this frame painted himself, I have devised a way to attach a headbadge that can be removed should the owner choose. I should really get some decals made up saying something to the effect of “modified by g.duke” and place them on the chainstay.
Removable headbadge

Removable headbadge

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