This is Framebuilding

09 Aug

Last Friday evening I attended a Melbourne performance of Einstein on the Beach. For the uninitiated Einstein on the Beach is a minimalist opera composed by Philip Glass and directed by Robert Wilson in 1976. I have listened to the soundtrack many times over the last 20 years but until Friday had never been privileged enough to see it performed. The music is quite repetitive, often rather metronomic and for some people downright irritating. I simply see it as sparse and have never found it such. While I have always enjoyed listening to it when the mood has taken me there, seeing it live brought meaning to the music that I hadn’t quite imagined. At one point the stage is re-set; to the music. This act is part of the performance.
I have considered this during the week and been reminded that when it comes to custom framebuilding there is much more to this gig than the actual shaping and joining of tubes. There is always allot of preparation and the regular re-making or adjusting of jigs and fixtures along with the refurbishing of machinery that enhances the end result. Sometimes it is easy to feel that I am wasting time when I am doing this part of the job and that I am not actually framebuilding. I understand why some builders have gone down the road of reducing the pre-production part of building to a minimum in order to maximise their production. But I am not going there.
With that in mind I set about making a bottle boss drilling jig for Commuter Cycles and continue to call myself a framebuilder

Milling the bottle boss jig

Milling the bottle boss jig

Jig and drill guides

Jig and drill guides

Finished bottle boss drilling jig

Finished bottle boss drilling jig

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