A stuck seatpost and a fillet braze repair

19 May

I know its been a while.Thankfully that home reno is nearly finished and I have been spending time with a paint roller in my hand rather than posting online

Old friend Steve White from recently opened Whites Bikes in North Fitzroy (go check it out) rang me with a job. He had a customer with a stuck seatpost. When he had started work on the bike Steve had noticed a crack starting to propagate around the fillet at the seatpoast / top tube junction. Could I fix it ? Sure I said. Given that I was going to be applying some heat to the seat tube to fix the crack the stuck post had to come first. When it refused to move after a couple of days worth of penetrene I cut it off. When I poked a tape measure down inside the post I discovered there was 200mm of post inside the tube. Who does that? I set it up on the mill and drilled most of it out diameter wise. I then made an extension for my adjustable reamer and reamed it out to the 27.2 diameter that it needed. After that I filled back the fillet and set about rebuilding it to repair the frame

Fillet Brazed repair

Fillet Brazed repair

Reamer Extension

Reamer Extension

Drilling out a seatpost

Drilling out a seatpost

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