Marks Pre- 1900 Humber

03 Dec

Mark brought me his 1890’s era Humber frame.

Pre- 1900 Humber

Pre- 1900 Humber

These bikes are pre- BSA standards and just post the high wheeler or penny farthing era. As such they have some very interesting features. Not the least is yet another example of the fact that there is nothing new under the sun. Observe the offset chain stays in an obsessive attempt to make sure chain line was correct.

Offset Chain stay

Offset Chain stay

More recent bikes have featured asymmetrical chain stays for both the same reasons and in an attempt to provide more direct power transmission. Marks frame was out of alignment and because the bottom bracket was a smaller diameter than the standard ( now almost unlimitedly variable ) BB, I had to turn up some bushes in order to use my alignment post. In a past attempt at cold setting this frame the chain stay bridge had been torn away from the stays so a bit of brazing was required to repair that.

Humber Alignment

Humber Alignment

Humber alignment

Humber alignment

As it turned out the frame wasn’t that far out and when I had finished it was spot on, but the fact that these frames sit rather high may have exaggerated the feeling that Mark was having. Anyway he was happy and has gone off to re-assemble it and experience the ride of over a century ago

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