Caitlan’s Rob Bailey

06 Oct

Caitlan’s beautiful chrome Rob Bailey was suffering from a case of seat post slippage. No matter how much she tightened the binder bolt it never really felt tight and the post slipped down under load. Looking at the seatpost lug it was clear that the hole in the ears was a bit too big for the bolt and this resulted in the ears deforming inward. ,while the bolt moved further out toward the back of the lug. The traditional way to fix this problem is to braze a piece into the ears, filling up the larger holes and then drill it out to match the bolt. To do this to the Rob Bailey would have meant destroying the chrome. A costly and more complicated job than was needed. I decided to machine up some stainless steel bushes that could be bonded into the lug. I made them with the appropriate diameter holes for the binder bolt and left a small lip on both of them so the epoxy would be tempted to give way when they were tightened. The flats are clearance on the back of the seat tube. If your interested, I used Devcon plastic steel to bond them together. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures after I assembled them into the frame, but the seatpost was finally tight when it left the shop

Rob Bailey seat lug

Rob Bailey seat lug

Binder bolt and bushes for Rob Bailey

Binder bolt and bushes for Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey seat lug fix

Rob Bailey seat lug fix

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