Being a Maker

22 Dec

Hi everyone
The website is finally up and running. Thanks to Paul for setting it up and to my wife Lisa and James at Padre coffee for the feedback on the original content
This is where I will be chronicling new builds and work done for people,so you can get an idea of what I am up to. While this is a website to showcase my bicycle frambuilding I would like to consider myself a Maker of things ( I design and make stuff for a living as well as a hobby ) I am often inspired by other makers. Not all of them framebuilders. So ocasionly I may highlight someone whose work might be inspiring me at the moment. Dont see this as a distraction from bicycles but as an insight into my work as a framebuilder and the work of other makers of handmade/handcrafted products.
Given that Christmas is upon us and its the holliday season I will be away for the next month. You can leave a message on the website or phone me and I will get back to you
Have a very happy Christmas

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