Romain’s Farleigh restoration

01 Feb

Romain’s Farleigh developed a crack in one of the dropouts. Given that the frame is at least 25 years old then that is not surprising,and even though Romain has it set up as a fixie,he wanted to keep it reasonably original and stick with the road dropouts.After looking at our available options for dropouts we decided that a set of Campagnolo ones would be the best. The picture below shows the d/o removed from the frame at the top with the campag one at the bottom. The other option being shorter than the original leaving little room for chain adjustment on a fixie

Farleigh BB cutout

Farleigh BB cutout

dropout options

dropout options

While I could have just replaced the broken d/o the fact that we decided to install something slightly different led to the decision to replace both.Anyway,once all of that was agreed to it was a matter of carefully removing both d/o’s from the frame,prepping the stays, installing the new ones and aligning them

off side d/o removed and frame prepped

offside d/o removed and frame prepped

new dropout before cleanup

new dropout before cleanup

both d/o's replaced and cleaned up

Both d/o's replaced and cleaned up

All of this led Romain to have the frame repainted and after a trip to the painters and a set of new decals from Greg at Cyclomondo he was happy and back on the road

Painted, decalled and assembled

Painted,decalled and assembled

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