02 Aug

In the lead up to the Moscow Olympics in 1980 my friend Martin Gillespie became the cartoonist for the Maryborough (Queensland Australia) Chronicle. He and I had been friends for ever , even then. At the same time,

Moscow Olympics by Pie

Moscow Olympics by Pie

I had just taken up competitive cycling and despite the fact that we lived over 2000kms from each other he chose to use a caricature of me to depict the controversy surrounding Australian athletes participation in an event being held behind what was then, the Iron Curtain. He got it pretty right at the time. I had knobbly knees and still do and back then I had a moustache. There are a number of coincidences here. The Australian 4000m pursuit team for Moscow was made up of Kevin Nichols, Kelvin Poole, Colin Fitzgerald and Gary Sutton, whose brother Shane is now a DS with the Sky team of Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish, probably both the strongest and fastest men on a bike right now. On Saturday night Australian time as the Olympic road race for 2012 rolled out of London and onto the roads at Box Hill we celebrated my friends 50th birthday. We now live in the same state of Victoria and this picture hangs over my workbench and reminds me of many things. Not the least is the fact that it seems extremely rare to me that two things that have been so constant in my life, my friendship with Martin who isn’t a cyclist and my love of the bikes could be tied together in a simple cartoon drawn so long ago

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