Yet another stem and a bit of jigery pokerey

30 Aug

Another fillet brazed stem this time with a couple of extra additions. Firstly and easily enough a bell mount on the side. Secondly, a built-in cable hanger for a set of cantilever brakes. Nothing too difficult one thinks untill I started to wonder how I was going to hold that little extra bit of metal in the right place to braze it. This is what I came up with.

Cable Hanger brazing jig

Cable Hanger brazing jig

The smaller section is pushed into the bottom of the stem and the slot that you can see is so that not too much heat needs to be generated to get things up to brazing temp. It also stops me inadvertently brazing the jig to the stem. I may never have to use this again but along with a number of other little jigs that I have made I know that it has enabled me to do the required job in the most efficient way. It may sound like the job takes longer but the end result is always better

Off to the chrome platers

Reading  Peter Carey’s The Chemistry of Tears

Listening to  Mick Harvey’s Sketches from the Book of the Dead

Stem and jig

Ready for plating

Ready for plating

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