Busyman Bicycles

30 Aug

Once upon a time when a bicycle saddle wore out you threw it away. I had a Rolls that had gotten to end of its comfortable life. As many people know these saddles have stood the test of time and were used in the pro peleton for years as the saddle of choice for many and it seemed a shame to dispose of it. Luckily we now have Mick Peel from Busyman Bicycles to recycle and or personalise our saddles for us.I decided that this was what I would do and what started out in my mind as a relatively simple transaction turned into a bit of a collaboration. For many people dealing with Mick is probably through email and postage. Fortunately for me he is just on my door step and in fact between home and work. I originally dropped the saddle of with the idea that I would have my name embossed in the covering. I was going to send Mick the artwork but overnight had second thoughts. I felt uncomfortable branding something I hadn’t made myself. After chatting to him that first night I decided to go with the statement that I use to describe my work. “handmade with soul”

I felt it also described the way Mick works. I discussed it with him and sent him the artwork. He got back to me after having a go at cutting the letters with a request. Did I know of anyone who could laser cut the letters?. They were a bit small for him to do a good job on. Fortunately again, I did and he couldn’t have been more helpful. Thanks Jas.. I got the letters back to Mick and, hey presto, a new recycled Rolls for my bike with a description of both the maker and owner. Thanks Mick it was great to work with you and I look forward to many more years of riding on this saddle

Recycled Rolls "Handmade with Soul" by Busyman Bicycles

Recycled Rolls “Handmade with Soul” by Busyman Bicycles

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