Lab-gear Feeling connected

17 Sep
Merino J front

Merino J front

Merino J back

Merino J back

Once upon a time when a cyclist wanted or needed a new item of bike related clothing they would go down to Giramondo’s Cycling and sportswear in Nicholson St North Fitzroy (if Melbourne was your home) and talk to the person behind the counter. You might have thumbed your way through the rack and then if they didn’t have something in your size or you wanted something a bit different you would place an order and know that it would be run up in the back room on the knitting machine by another member of the family company. If he/she, raced with the Northern suburbs combine they might approach John Mcinerney about a pair of Rapide Knicks which he, had made. Bike clothing wasn’t always a staple item of bike shops. They sold and repaired bikes and this was in the days before non racing cyclists ever wore lycra, even for the comfort factor. However, when you did want some you had a connection to the supplier. They were often the maker. The last few years have seen the proliferation of easily available bike clothing and the web has seen the rise of custom alternatives that offer a template for your design, but there is often a lingering question as to exactly where your clothing comes from. A couple of years ago I came across a Sydney company called Lab-Gear They make a variety of bike and urban clothing to order and just as importantly can provide you with the provenance of each item that goes to make up their clothing. They can tell you where the merino wool comes from, where the zippers are made, where the chamois is sourced from and where the clothing is stitched together. They even flag the facts surrounding changes planned for the future. You get the picture. Now I don’t buy allot of bike clothing but in answer to that question from my partner “what do you want for your birthday this year”? I contacted Gerard at Lab-Gear and had a Merino J made up with artwork pertaining to my frames. This involved quite a few emails back and forth, admittedly more to do with the printing than anything else but none the less, along with the details outlined above left me with that same feeling of connectedness that I used to experience going into Giramondo’s. If like me you enjoy that feeling when it comes to your purchases then Lab-Gear are for you. I might add that not only am I very happy with the final product but believe it to be real value for money

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