Bike for a short statured gent

31 Oct

I know it has been some time since I posted here. If you have been following my Instagram pages you would know work hasn’t dried up. In fact i suspect that Covid has brought out more projects than before.

I did think this was a story worth posting here though

About two years ago I was approached about building a bicycle for someone of short stature. I was immediately interested and met with Sammy and his physio Cam.We took some initial measurements and I left with a list of preferences to mock up what might be needed. Sammy’s idea was for a 20 inch wheel bike with an internally geared hub with back pedal brake. He has one leg significantly shorter than the other. This required two cranks of different length. I ordered a 20 inch carbon fork and a Nexus 8 spd hub from the UK (NOS)along with a set of the right size rims and tires. I learnt that there are at least 3 different diameters of nominally 20 inch rim. I built the wheels to start so I had something to work around. I tacked together a working frame and mocked up a set of old cranks with a row of alternative pedal holes so we could adjust the crank lengths.

When Covid restrictions allowed Sammy and Cam came over and we tried things out on a home trainer. I discovered that while he could pedal he couldn’t swing his leg over the bike. I lowered the top tube and we played some more with the crank lengths. Finally I was happy enough to braze up the frame and order two sets of BMX cranks in different lengths. I took one from each and we had our cranks. Once again we waited until we were allowed to meet and got together to actually try things out on the road before sending it for paint.

I sent it off that afternoon and the next week we went into what amounted to about 8 weeks of lockdown. I finally picked it up and assembled the complete bike. A couple of weeks ago Sammy came over to pick it up. It was a great thrill to see him so happy and a very satisfying experience to be able to get him out riding

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