An All day tourer

29 Jun
Back in March I got a call asking if I would build a customer an all day tourer to replace a previous bike. Unusually for me he wanted a complete bike so I was keen to warn him that with worldwide delays things might not happen as soon as he hoped. He was understanding of this and besides winter wasn’t far away. He wanted a Hydro disc brake bike and decided to embrace the 1x gearing system. He gave me quite a bit of leeway as far as parts selection went. I started to order parts before I even cut any tubes. After discussing options with my local supplier we decided to go for a TRP brake setup and a Microshift gear changer. Sram 11speed rear derailleur and cogs and a Sram Dub axle set of cranks. In the normal fashion a drawing was done and the customer consulted. Once I got his aproval tubes were cut. He was keen for the bike to look proportional and wasnt keen on an overly large down tube. he also said hat he might want to tow a trailer in the future. Given that, I went for a set of Reynolds ATB tubes for the frame and a set of disc specific Reynolds 631 steel fork blades with a traditional touring crown. I used a set of Bear Frameworks dropouts with ISO caliper mounts. I like Bear frameworks dropouts when it comes to discs. With the Handmade Bicycle Show approaching in early June I hoped to have the frame ready even if it meant I had to use some of my own parts to show the bike. With four weeks to go I had the frame and forks finished and sent it for powdercoating. The customer requested a mellow yellow. We settled on Lemon. I was assured it would be done in time and it was. Nothing is ever that simple though because two weeks out I ended up with a bought of Covid. While I was recovering my son picked up the frame and at the end of my isolation period managed to get it build up with all the parts decided. Off the bike show and as luck would have it I was the first cab off the rank. For anyone who was there (and thanks if you did stop by) people saw this bike as the entered AND as they left. The customer picked it up last week and rode off into the sunset. Thanks to Andy White at FYXO for some of these photos and to Evan at Terra Rosa Gear for the saddlebag. It is mine and the customer wanted a rack but it went down a treat at the show

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